Sketch and take handwritten notes.

Rnote is an open-source vector-based drawing app for sketching, handwritten notes and to annotate documents and pictures. Targeted at students, teachers and those who own a drawing tablet, it provides features like PDF and picture import and export, an infinite canvas and an adaptive UI for big and small screens.

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The file format is still unstable. It might change and break compatibility between versions.


Rnote is available as a flatpak on Flathub:

Download on Flathub


main_window_dark main_window_light pdf_annotation selection


Because the file format still is unstable, downgrading to a specific version might be necessary and can be done with:

v0.4.0sudo flatpak update --commit=2ee585842334ad976802f08a1952c3fdc40f6f3afe2e056f3597fe4a029d54d2 com.github.flxzt.rnote
v0.3.5sudo flatpak update --commit=34115ec5896cbe1b7c1b7a589ec2b6da45e9fcbd81ae53c665c08f2fc42bb52f com.github.flxzt.rnote
v0.2.5sudo flatpak update --commit=2036a51c8118a30eb4ceb2e16ba2f84fa8ca4dc814fb88d9424709380093a6c6 com.github.flxzt.rnote
v0.1.6sudo flatpak update --commit=ffb9781989704f3eb28910437bb26709357566a977178d5fb4ef1a2926edae8b com.github.flxzt.rnote

After downgrading, the version can be pinned or unpinned with:

$ flatpak mask com.github.flxzt.rnote
$ flatpak mask --remove com.github.flxzt.rnote

Then the documents can be exported as an SVG or PDF and can be re-imported into the newest version of Rnote.


If you have any questions or want to start a general discussion, open a topic in the Github Discussions section. There is also the chat room for more volatile conversation.

More Information

More detailed information regarding contributions, building, etc. is available at the Github Repository